Where To Record Audio Online For Free

Where can teachers and students record audio online for free? A quick post today answers an inquiry we received recently about online voice recorders. Online teachers often need a service where themselves and students can create and share audio files online.

Audio files can enhance lessons, particularly those that are language or word-based. By adding pre-recorded audio bits, students can take information from a particularly tough lesson with them for future use. Those having a difficult time with grasping pronunciation, sentence structure, and conversation flows may benefit from being able to repeat the words as often as they need.

These sites can be used for any sound-based knowledge that will benefit the student. The web is full of free sound recorders, but these three are what we’ve found to be the best for online teachers and students looking to record, save, and share files.


Vocaroo is perhaps the ideal voice recorder for online teachers and students. Either the student or the teacher can record the audio bit they need, then download. The option to share via social media, email, or embed is also available. The site is free and incredibly easy to use. Users can upload audio files for sharing.

Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder is a free service that allows users to record sound bits and then work with them to make them better. The cool part is that once recorded, the user can crop out unneeded or unnecessary parts of the recording and only keep the good stuff.

Their ‘Audio Joiner’ feature allows for the adding of multiple audio tracks to mix together – kind of like a very basic recording program. This is great for teachers needing to reply to a student’s audio, or add additional instructions or information to an existing file.

Convert audio files to mp3, .wav, and other formats for download. The website also links to an online video recorder and camera as well. Users can record video bits, snap photos of themselves or the screen, and share.

Twisted Wave

Audio editing and recording software Twisted Wave offers a free online audio recorder as well. By creating an account, users can save audio files or download and share them. Without an account, files cannot be saved. Their software can also be downloaded on PC or MAC.

The editing capabilities of this site are a bit beyond what is available on many other free sites. Teachers and students needing multiple layers of audio, this service is incredibly useful. For basic recording of language lessons or quick information, this flare isn’t entirely necessary. But it never hurts to have the capability!



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