Two SEO Trends To Watch in 2018

As an online teacher, SEO is going to be a huge part of your business. We’ve talked much about the basics of SEO here at teacher Indie, but of course, the boat is always shifting. Google changes their algorithm. Users start rephrasing their search terms. There are a number of factors that impact SEO, so we thought we’d use this holiday week post to let you know about two SEO trends to watch in 2018.

This one is specially designed for those running their own business. Getting your site to rank high on Google takes time and effort, but it is doable. We’re going to get a bit technical here – stay with me, take some notes, and do further reading. Your business will thank you.

Trend #1: Accelerated Mobile Pages

The percentage of web users browsing on mobile has risen consistently, hitting 52.99% in Q3 this year. Hence the rise in Accelerated Mobile Pages. Think of AMPs, a concept developed by Google and Twitter, as the modern-day backlink. This light, simple HTML-based design practice delivers mobile pages that are attractive, easy to read, and perhaps most importantly, optimized for SEO. When a designer uses this technology, they can quickly insert keywords, H1 text, and image attributes that show Google that the page is authoritative and trustworthy.

AMPs are designed to be incredibly lightweight, optimizing the user experience for mobile users. Because they are essentially an open source practice, online teachers have a ton of control over how the page looks and who it is targeted for.

On the receiving end, there are a number of ways this benefits online teachers. Your visitors stay on the site longer because they aren’t frustrated by slow loads. They’re more likely to click around and consume additional media because it comes quickly and is enhanced for visibility and consumption.

Here is a great information website on AMPs and how you can put them in place to benefit your site in 2018.

Trend #2: Optimizing AMPs with Dense Content

Do some reading on the site we linked above and build a basic understanding of AMPs. The next talking point is called dense content. Dense content is ever more important in SEO, referring to how much a page’s content is in line with its size. Content that is rich in active keywords and properly formatted is going to do two beneficial things:

  • Make the page easier to read for Google crawlers. This, in turn, helps them prioritize your page and rank it on appropriate searches.
  • Make the page easier to read for mobile visitors. Marketingland noted that 56% of web users are visiting pages via mobile devices. 2016 saw the number climb above 50% for the first time. Informative, easy-to-read articles and web copy ensure that these visitors aren’t deterred by strained eyes and blocks of unseparated text.

Here’s a great article on how to create dense content.

Putting a plan in action

Both of these SEO trends for 2018 work best if you have a blog on your website. Blogs, as you may know, help your site rank for multiple search terms on Google. They also give visitors a reason to visit the site other than to peruse your services – they may stumble across it when searching for a term related to what you are teaching, for example, and discover your services when they otherwise never would have heard of you. Blogs are also great for building trust.

The best way to put dense content into action on your blog is by developing a content calendar. Plan your blog posts out quarterly, or perhaps even for six months or an entire year. For each post (we suggest doing a post at least every two weeks) develop an active keyword and build the content around it.

For online teachers, simple ideas like top 10 lists, resource recommendations, and information on your courses are great options for content ideas. The One-Hour Content Plan by Meera Cothand is a great eBook that walks readers through building a content calendar and finding keywords.

There are sure to be more SEO trends to watch in 2018 as the year goes forward. We’re going to keep you up to date on current developments here at Teacher Indie. Check back often or follow our Facebook page for the latest updates!

Ray is the founder and creator of Teacher Indie. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has created online education businesses that have appeared in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Boston Globe and many others. His goal is to help teachers from around the world get online and gain the financial independence they deserve.

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