How To Pitch A Guest Post

how to pitch a guest post

This quick guide covers best practices covering how to pitch a guest post to promote your online teaching business. At the bottom, I’ve included a few samples of successful guest post pitches that I’ve used in the past. Each point I make here on how to pitch a guest post is demonstrated in the examples.

Writing a guest post, while obviously serving to promote your website and services, or generate a backlink for SEO purposes, must also add value to the website it’s posted on. As such, it is important that you personalize the post for the specific site. Browse around and see what other content is available and identify any knowledge points that may be lacking.

Personalize the email headline and body

With so much spam across the internet, an email that is obviously copy-and-pasted is likely to not be opened at all. In the headline, use the site owner’s first name and note that the inquiry regards a guest post idea.

In the email body, demonstrate your knowledge of the website, the topic you are proposing, and your ability to follow best SEO and writing for the web practices. If you can use a catchphrase, quote the person’s work, or otherwise demonstrate your personal interest in them, by all means do so.

If promoting your online teaching services, don’t beat around the bush. The site owner knows that you want something out of the transaction other than simply having an article published. Think about how your services benefit his or her readers, and be prepared to write both the pitch and article from that angle. If you are unable to do that for a certain site, odds are they aren’t a good fit.

Remember to be specific and get to the point! See this successful pitch:

how to pitch a guest post

Realize that both site owners and editors are busy and receive many pitches

It is important to get your point across quickly and efficiently. Don’t ramble, don’t include the entire article in the email body, and don’t send an article attachment until requested. The initial pitch email serves as a sort of icebreaker, meant to establish a relationship and gauge interest.

Be professional, polite, and offer a compliment. Preferably┬áreference either the person’s work or a specific article/post/portion of their website that you found interesting. It also helps to briefly explain why you feel your guest post is appropriate and beneficial to them.

If you don’t hear back, follow up a week later. Still no reply? That’s a pretty good sign that the site either isn’t taking guest posts at that time or simply isn’t interested.

Propose a topic (or title if you have one) and offer to elaborate

Site owners want to know what they’re getting into before saying yes. They also have a general idea of what they’re going to say yes to. If you can trigger that button, odds of that ‘YES’ reply are much higher. I suggest proposing a few titles or angles, all specifically catered to their site and audience. See this example:

how to pitch a guest post


. . . and once you’re pitch is accepted, be sure to:

Format the article to the publisher’s site

Obviously, a website or blog owner isn’t going to publish an article that doesn’t fit the vibe of his or her website. Craft your post in a way that reflects the personality and formalness (or lack thereof) of the site.

Demonstrate your ability to do this in the pitch email. The person reading will be super impressed and your odds of acceptance will skyrocket! Be sure to follow thru. I’ve actually had pitches accepted but eventually had the article either declined or needing heavy editing because I failed to write it in a manner cohesive with the other content on the site.

Keep the pitch concise, the article on-point, and you’ll see success!

Ray is the founder and creator of Teacher Indie. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has created online education businesses that have appeared in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Boston Globe and many others. His goal is to help teachers from around the world get online and gain the financial independence they deserve.

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