GUEST POST: Online Teachers: A Different Breed of Digital Nomad

This week, Teacher Indie is pleased to introduce you Jason Cane, founder of Teach Nomadic. His brand is a virtual hub and resource for online teachers of just about any stripe – and the way he’s gone about putting it together is super useful. 

Jason’s been reading Teacher Indie since shortly after we launched. In my opinion, the blending of teaching culture with the digital nomad lifestyle and culture is one of the coolest developments of the 21st century. Jason’s site is proof of that!

Take it away, Jason!

Online Teachers: A Different Breed of Digital Nomad

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘digital nomad’ or ‘location independent’ used to describe people who can work from their laptop with nothing but a Wi-Fi connection.  You might imagine them set up in some quiet cozy corner of a café or maybe collaborating with others in a co-working space bustling with conversation and energy.

But ask yourself: do either of those places sound like ideal locations to teach online from?  Can you yell and shout as you goofily wave puppets around for your young students? Can your student hear you properly?

Do these locations truly provide a strong and reliable internet connection and an environment that’s both professional and conducive to learning?

I once taught from a café in an Ikea, and I can tell you the answer to each is usually “No”.

As online teachers, we have different requirements from the work-from-home and digital nomad crews who only need a Wi-Fi connection to complete their daily tasks.

To interact effectively with our students, we need a stable and strong connection, plus a quiet space to teach from that allows us to get a little loud and goofy if necessary depending on our students.  This isn’t always easy to find at home let alone on the road, especially with hosts who might be ignorant of their actual connection speeds.

Furthermore, public areas like cafés and co-working spaces are often too noisy and too distracting to give classes in.  I’ve even seen one co-working space that prohibits it outright!

This is where Teach Nomadic can help.

Our Mission

We know there are hundreds of reliable spaces for online teachers to work from and thousands of online teachers across the globe.  At Teach Nomadic, we aim to unite them in a thriving community full of inspiration and practical information for aspiring and current online teachers.

We help you stay connected with each other and with your students by showing you the best verified private spaces to teach from, spaces that meet our needs as online teachers-think Airbnb, private co-working/co-living rooms, even spaces in homes offered by other members!  You can simply pull up the map, click a city, and pick a verified location to teach from.

Here’s How It Works

Maybe you’re planning to travel to a new city, but you’ve got no clue where you’ll be able to teach from. Or maybe you’re set up in your usual spot at home when the internet cuts out.  Where will you teach your classes from now?

Instead of feeling like you’ve got to deal with these questions on your own, you can create a free account here at and start making friends within Teach Nomadic no matter what subject you teach! This allows you to create a personal profile and collaborate with other online teachers in our Community Discussions.

You can find nearby teachers on the map and search for information on next private teaching space, including internet speed and pictures.  This way, you can stop wasting time and money sifting through Excel sheets or inaccurate listings and choose from locations that real teachers have already taught from!

Teach Nomadic is not just for traveling online teachers, however.  Let me give you an example from my own experience while settled:

I had followed the great advice given here at Teacher Indie regarding an Online Teaching Survival Kit, but often the issues we face are out of our hands. My internet provider unexpectedly made changes to their servers, and I lost all access as a result.

I had no clue that there were many other online teachers within my own city who could have helped me out with recommendations or a temporary place to teach from. With Teach Nomadic, just pull up the map to search nearby! You can also check out our posts with tech tips and reviews that are useful for all teachers.

Teach Nomadic is Perfect for Teacher Indie Readers!

You’re clearly motivated to be the most effective online teacher you can, as you’re visiting the one site we recommend all our visitors go to for answers to questions about online teaching.

Teach Nomadic has been a valuable resource for us since the beginning and will continue to be one for all our future members.  What better place than this to find more amazing online teachers to share their ideas, their resources, and the spaces they’ve taught from?

If you’re tired of trying to deal with Teacher IT problems on your own, come join us at!

You can help fill in the map by registering a Connected Classroom easily as well! We’ll be introducing new features for members, like the ability to “check-in” at listed spaces and earn badges and rewards for certain community contributions.

You’ll also be able to join other teachers in giving back through related social outreach projects we have in the works.  We hope you’ll join us at Tech Nomadic in putting an end to teacher IT problems, uniting online teachers, and staying connected while we travel!


Author BioJason Cane is the founder of Teach Nomadic and an online teacher himself.  He’s skillful in getting himself lost in both rural and urban areas, appreciates new foods and drinks, and enjoys practicing local languages while traveling. Although he prefers the in-person exchange of culture offered by living abroad, he’s grateful that his job allows him to ‘travel’ virtually each day to interact with students from around the world.  Jason’s curiosity about other worldviews began at a young age, and it shows no signs of diminishing as he continues traveling and learning.

Ray is the founder and creator of Teacher Indie. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has created online education businesses that have appeared in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Boston Globe and many others. His goal is to help teachers from around the world get online and gain the financial independence they deserve.

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