How much can I make teaching online?

How much can I make teaching online?

“I became a teacher for the money” , said no teacher ever. How much money can I make teaching online is a common question. The fact is that with a bit of business savvy, time, and some basic marketing skills, it is easier than ever to make money teaching online.

How much money can I make teaching online?

The simple answer, of course, is that it depends on what you’re teaching. Part time or full time? Maybe just a couple students on the side, as a way to supplement monthly income? Another major factor is your own business savvy – are you contracting with an existing site, working through a job board, or running your own business?

Let’s take a look at some of the more common ways to make money teaching online. No matter what you’re looking to teach (or even if you haven’t decided yet!) the internet provides ample opportunity to line your wallet by sharing knowledge with eager minds.

How much money do online language teachers make?

Increasingly, those desiring to learn a language are doing so online. Language teachers have the ability to make a solid living without having to travel overseas to work. In virtual classrooms or over Skype, instructors work one-on-one with students in a direct immersion environment. English is most in demand, with teachers typically earning at least $15/hr teaching online. This is dependent on experience and how in-depth their instruction. But across the globe, the future is looking bright for online teachers.

Several factors are contributing to this outlook. Large international companies want their employees to learn English, and are willing to pay premium rates for that to happen. Additionally, students like the comfort and convenience of learning in their own home. They feel less intimidated and don’t have to work around the business hours of a physical school.

As experience level increases and regular students are acquired, online language teachers can raise their rates and branch off into working independently. We’ll discuss this further in a moment. The main takeaway here is that teaching online is similar to other fields of work: better money comes with either working for reputable language schools, and they want teachers with proven experience.

Do I need to teach with an online language school?

There are many companies contracting teachers to give online lessons to their students. When contracting with a site such as Live Lingua, students sign up via the company website, and teachers are paid via PayPal following teaching of the class. Teachers aren’t solely responsible for sourcing students, something that can be hard to do when first starting out.

English Teachers pull in up to $20-30/hr this way. Companies see this as a bargain, as they don’t have to spend a fortune sending staff to brick-and-mortar language schools. Teaching other languages can also be lucrative, depending on the language taught and where the students are located.

Teachers have the comfort of knowing they will be paid for work performed in a timely manner.

Any seasoned instructor will tell you how important that can be. Non-payment is a serious issue in the freelance world, and by working with a reputable company you’re all but eliminating that risk. While your income level may reach a ceiling, it does help to secure a client base.

How much money do online professors make?

While data varies based on experience and topic, most online professors make between $1500 and $2500 per course, per semester. That amount can be higher if the professor or instructor wrote the curriculum for the course or otherwise assisted in its planning and implementation. This number is expected to rise in the coming years as more and more students take online courses. Currently, about one in four students are taking at least one class online.

It’s important to note that teaching online college courses requires the same level of education and certification – typically a Master’s Degree at minimum – as their on-campus counterparts. As higher education continues to shift towards online mediums, many students pursuing traditional four year, on-campus degrees are now taking some of the courses remotely.

This data, in addition to the rise of online job boards and other work placement services for online professors, hints at the ability for professors to make a living teaching online growing significantly in the years ahead.

How much money do online music teachers make?

The process of teaching music online is similar to that of teaching a language online. Hourly rates can be slightly higher than in other fields of online study. While your rate is dependent on experience and reputation, it’s not uncommon for online music teachers to charge upwards of $50/hr. As someone new to the industry, you may have to contract with an existing site (see here for examples) and build a client base.

Eventually, though, a successful online music teacher can pull in over $60,000 per year teaching lessons 15-20 hours per week. This doesn’t include time crafting lessons, marketing yourself, or other duties related to the business, but all-in-all, not a bad take!

How much money do online tutors make?

Online tutoring is a great way to monetize your expertise in almost any specific field. Helping students with math, writing, or other subjects is a great way to enter the online teaching realm and start making money right away. According to GlassDoor, the national average for an online tutor is $30,000 per year. Hourly rates frequently range from $11-25 depending on subject and location.

Again, experience is a big factor here. Proven experts in desirable fields will exceed that national average. Online tutoring, however, is a one of the easiest ways for those only looking to work restricted, part-time hours to supplement their monthly income. Work with as little as one student, and slowly take on more as your schedule allows.

Make more money online by running your own website

How much money can I make teaching online? Starting and managing your own online teaching business allows for uncapped levels of income, but requires higher levels of back-of-house support and knowledge. As a business owner, you can scale your business by offering pre-recorded courses for purchase, or hiring a staff of teachers so that more students can be brought on. Simply having control of your hourly rate or course price can help online teachers drastically increase their income levels.

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