Best Apps For Online Teachers

We live in the age of apps. It seems that no matter the line of work, there’s an app to make it easier. Each teacher has his or her methods for keeping organized, but without the classroom and students handing in physical assignments it can get tricky.

Fortunately, a browse through the app store on your mobile device or desktop presents numerous helpful options for everything from general course oversight to direct communication with students and parents. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for online teachers.

Google Classroom

The almighty Google to rescue once again! Their service for educators is a great way for online teachers to stay organized and track progress through their lesson plans. No matter how many students or courses are being taught, Google Classroom is an incredible resource for staying on track.


Instructables walks teachers through thousands of DIY projects that can be included in lesson plans. Covering just about every topic, this app can help online teachers reduce lesson planning time significantly.


We use Evernote almost daily. This notetaking app lets users easily organize their notes, screenshots, and docs into folders. Notes can be updated at any time, and the app has many tools for customization and organization.


Students and teachers can create videos as part of lesson plans and assignments. For knowledge that is difficult to convey just through speaking, a diagram or video can helps students grasp and/or present material visually as well as audibly.


Socrative is an incredible tool for communicating with students and assessing their process. Interaction happens directly with students, and the app provides tips for determining the most applicable way to progress with each student based on their ability and learning style.


Edmodo is a platform for providing feedback to students in a productive manner. Designed with online teachers in mind, the app helps with digital organization of student work and lessons. Teachers can assign work, manage progress, and discuss feedback with students one on one.

Teachers can also communicate with parents/guardians via the app, and discuss direct student assessment in a manner easy for them to understand.


Turn lessons into interactive games for students. This app is particularly helpful with younger students who may have a hard time engaging with certain lessons or assignments. Students work towards completing game tasks and learn at the same time, a great benefit for online teachers struggling to make their lessons relatable to students.


This student portfolio app allows students to show off their best work to their parents. Seesaw is a great way to help students build pride in learning and increase motivation with positive reinforcement. The added benefit is that parents can track their child’s progress and know that the teacher is doing a good job.


Everyone’s texting all the time anyway, so it might as well be productive. Slack is a team communication tool that, in the world of online teaching, can be used for teacher-to-teacher, teacher-to-student, and even student-to-student messaging. Create group forums as well as one-on-one chats. Add members and remove them as students come and go. Best of all? It’s free.


This app costs $5, but is more than worth it. Create virtual white boards to use during lessons, draw and outline tough equations or phrases, and record it all for the web and use it again next time. Doceri can help a teacher hone in on the perfect way to present a lesson, and then make sure that presentation is saved.


TeacherKit helps teachers track grades, attendance, and other factors that play into general teacher organization. Create customized lists and update them as you go – kind of like a notetaking app designed specifically for teachers.

Ray is the founder and creator of Teacher Indie. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has created online education businesses that have appeared in publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Buzzfeed, The Boston Globe and many others. His goal is to help teachers from around the world get online and gain the financial independence they deserve.

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